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South Central Wastewater provides turnkey services for wastewater treatment demands. From acquiring the permits, to designing and constructing the facilities, our team will partner with you from start to finish.

Obtain Permits & Certificates

We obtain all necessary local, state, and federal permits. We've worked closely with many state agencies and have successfully obtained over 100 wastewater discharge permits. 

Regulatory Reporting

We submit all required monthly and annual reports to local, state, and federal authorities. We also provide annual financial reports verifying our stability as a private utility company. This assures our customers that all of our facilities meet or exceed required treatment levels.

Plant Design & Construction

South Central Wastewater has been involved with the design and construction of over 1,000 wastewater treatment facilities. Our plants are designed for each individual project, cost effective and reliable, thereby assuring long term success.

Customer Billing & Services

Our flexibility allows us to cater our workflow to each client's needs. We provide our customers with monthly usage charges. We often partner with the local water provider to consolidate water and sewer charges into one simple bill, making it easier for the homeowner.

Full Service Plant Operations

With the most reliable and knowledgable wastewater treatment plant operators in the industry, we guarantee each of our facilities runs smoothly and efficiently, providing the highest levels of treatment. Our commitment is to ensuring environmental protection and responsibility.

Long Term Maintainence

South Central Wastewater takes on all financial and structural responsibility for the maintenance of our treatment facilities and collection systems therefore removing that liability from our clients.  

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